Comic 1

Sometimes our host families and friends tell us to eat things that’s good for us and would help us get better. This is a comic from XKCD that reminds me of some of the recommendations like pork fat to keep warm/strong.


End of year and some resolutions

The phone call came while I was writing documentation at work. He asked me who I am and I’m still interested in joining the Peace Corps. Without hearing my answers clearly, he went on… Continue reading

I saw an Opportunity to Feel Good and Took it Running

A nice sunny day for a run and some relaxing times with exercise

How the Texan in me Reacts to Winter (Thanksgiving Edition)

The cold isn’t so bad when you have a good family to spend your time with.


Q: Who should we save from the plane crash? A: Peace Corps Volunteer, Doctor….

Its Winter- Texan ; No its not Jeff – Wisconsinites; Volunteering on Weekends.

I can’t feel my hands and the wind hurts my face. WHY!?


Don’t take the Ruteria(s), they are death traps- US Embassy Security Adviser

我 pot sa speak языки. natürlich?

Can I possibly experience anything more confusing and fun in Moldova.

Wine Fest and the 31 Lei Dublu Cheeseburger

Why I gave into the burger and the events that led to this.

Training and Back with the Original Family

Training and having fun with the other volunteers during PST 3 was amazing and much needed break away from the confusions of sites