End of year and some resolutions

The phone call came while I was writing documentation at work. He asked me who I am and I’m still interested in joining the Peace Corps. Without hearing my answers clearly, he went on to ask me, based on my interests, to chose Eastern Europe or Africa. I told him that he should be the one to chose for me.

The series of events that followed could be described using the cliche description of a roller coaster ride, but in reality it is closer to just a high elevation hike up a mountain. The man on the other side of the phone told me If I would like to visit Moldova and stay there for 27 month. Seconds after hearing this, the first thing i thought of is the need to ask my parents and then notify some friends, then I asked myself where? Fast forward months later I’m sitting here in a queen sized pull out sofa with my host brothers trying to write something I should have written when the temperature outside was still near my currently age.

Moldova itself has changed me and a general series of events has made me realized that my work habits has changed also. I hope to use this post to write down what my work style was like in the past and hopefully to use this post as a way to keep myself to readjust to regular working habits in the US.

In the US, at any project or job I was assigned to, I was able to keep a schedule, notifications of events/vacations ahead of time and set meetings without having the unclear feeling if my coworkers would be attending or not. The unwritten rule of being on time or calling ahead stating you’ll be late was a wonderful thing that I took granted for. I now can’t make any commitments a week in advance because of the likelihood a group would not show up to a meeting nor tell me why the next time I see them.

Here in Moldova, I listened to my Peace Corps trainers and integrated, don’t push too hard, and try to make little changes to my organization. This got me to shaking hands only with the males of the meeting, having work only translations and some project planning overview with my partner, and would have gone to no field assignments. I should have pushed harder for change and be persistent about it. I do this with my business development students and I do get the results that I want.

I had a habit of helping whoever it was at work at whichever job they wanted me to help with. It didn’t matter if my scope was not apart of my job description. I wanted to help others and understand the methods of working things out for the best. I did this without thought, sometimes it gets myself in trouble, sometimes I found myself to be overwhelmed by the tasks, but I believed it is important to be supportive to see a project go through and become successful. My counter parts here do not see it that way. The political parties that you are with and who you associate yourself with in the community might cause others not to want to work with you. I understand this is a world wide and does not pertain to just Moldova, but I still personally believe this should not happen.

I’m sure there are other work habits that I would like to have back but I can’t think of them right now. There should be another post like this and a post where I find the ways in Moldova is more useful than the methods of the US.

To conclude, some resolutions that will happen (proof posted throughout the year)

Half marathon; Hand stand/ planche pushup; continue studying Romania to be able to read novels + start German; start a new hobby; and visit friends more at other sites.