How the Texan in me Reacts to Winter (Thanksgiving Edition)

What are these little white specs falling from the sky? – anonymous

What defines winter for me (might be different from my northern friends):

  1. The sun disappears and little white dots starts hanging to your clothes, just long enough to see how uniquely shaped they are.
  2. Below 0 is a norm and does not close anything down (unlike Texas)
  3. When you need long underwear ( I found out -2C without sun does it for me)
  4. After a good run, you could fill a small ecosystem with vapors from your breathe
    1. Russian murmurs and smiles from babushkas offering amusing glances increases 29%
    2. You can’t run more than 5 minutes without gloves
  5. The wind starts to hurt your face; why do I live in a place where the wind hurts my face?
  6. Ice starts appearing outside of a ice rank

With frigid temperatures, I appreciate the timing of Thanksgiving and being able to visit and participate in the festivities. My alumna from Uni decided to visit and we took the ruteria to Soroca, Chisinau, and Balti to celebrate with other volunteers over an abundance of food, drinks, light conversations, and card games. The time spent seemed to have gone by too quickly.  The jokes and comforts in the apartment makes me feel like we’re back in the States and within the soviet bloc apartment, we are temporary transported back to the feeling of being at home. The travel back to site and going back to normalcy will take time.