Training and Back with the Original Family

The past two weeks have been definitely very intense in terms of getting back together with my site mates in Ciorescu and getting to know other volunteers a bit better.

Training was normal, language was lazily passable (didn’t learn much in class), and tech was somewhat better than PST1. There was more gatherings with the fellow volunteers in Ciorescu and I was able to hang out with the family more in the house. Everyone seemed to be very happy to see each other, especially when the feeling of family seemed very natural. We had a few parties and talked about how each person was at site. Everyone faced their difficulties of being alone, lacking things to do, or having not so great situations in the villages or cities. There is 22 month of service for most and I’m sure that is sufficient time to figure things out and adapt to the new life in Moldova. If not rapidly achieving this, fill the void with cookies and peanut butter until we find our own paths. I made cookies before I left for my host family and surprisingly everyone finished two and half dozen cookies in 1.5 days (mainly 4 people). 😀

The other solutions is masa (parties; tables) it up! We had one pretty nice bbq on the Wednesday before conference and everyone seemed to have had fun at my host family’s house. There we many cheers and fun all around. At this time, walking some friends back home, I realized how little time we had with each other before the next big meet up (Jan?). Especially the chances of Early Termination (ET) could happen to anyone. Unfortunately two SED members left our group in the same week of PST3 (one was medical and the other was personal reasons). All things change and we must accept these change,one way or another.

On a positive note, I learned much more about the city of Chisinau and about other volunteers. The next post will be able outdoor activities.