Its Winter- Texan ; No its not Jeff – Wisconsinites; Volunteering on Weekends.

Hello again, its been a while. I’m writing to you after rejecting the Harry Potter movie night (5th movie), because the past two times I’ve managed to fall asleep during both showings. The past two weeks have been pretty hectic preparing for Salut Balti training.

It is basically a 3 weekend training (9-4pm; Sat/Sun) for the youth of the community to learn about project management and community development in Balti. I’m helping the other volunteers in the city to prepare things for this event. There are 22 elevii attending (20 fete / 2 baieti) and both weeks everyone was super active learning about team building, sample projects, and other useful resources to develop their own projects within the community. With the cafe breaks / lunches at unusual hours, the youth were extremely energetic and attentive through the hours of training. I am appreciative of the following:

  • Near freezing temperatures, with everyone’s fingers numbing, my students still wanted to ask the local people for their opinions about recycling and if there was interest in recycling in the second largest city in Moldova. I called them all in to a warm bakery for a break and some food and while I turned around a minute to pay for the food, some of them even went back out to the cold to continue doing survives. Seeing their eyes brighten up when the unexpected positive responses from their fellow citizenry was also rewarding.
  • Working along with my Diamond Challenge team has been interesting as well. I have heard about other volunteering having disappointed groups or people just not showing up for meetings. My team here has always been flexible and cooperative with me. They are eager to learn and always wanting to listen to be babble about random things when we get off from the original agendas.
  • Working with other volunteers and different management styles has been a good learning process as well. Figuring out things together, especially at the beginning, when the only common thing is that you’re all PCVs and know English, was difficult, but I think we’ve got things down and cooperating with each other has been rather successful and rewarding process all in itself.

I have more topics and quotes to post and I should make it a habit to write more regularly. This post felt kind of forced and unnatural. I’ll try write as soon as I get the next idea or writing spurt.