I saw an Opportunity to Feel Good and Took it Running

Enough about me feeling good doing things with the community. Time for a change to a more personal post about life in general here in Moldova. (I didn’t get hurt, much; I will explain the picture)

I haven’t been feeling good in the past few days and have been, directed by very cautious doctors, on meds for the general cold. I wasn’t feeling up to doing my workouts or even running throughout the whole week. Like me, the sun decided to also hide out for the week and in its place, the rain/snow covered Balti for the regular work day. My mood began to drop to that of Marvin from Hitchhiker’s and I wanted to just stay indoors, by myself, drown in American TV shows and movies — that is until I saw the weather report this weekend.

Sunny- 6 Degree C – not windy.

Although I didn’t even want to keep my hopes up until it happened, a general thing I learned to do in the Peace Corps, I waited and waited until this morning to see the wonderful sun rise up with me. IT WAS AMAZING. I WANTED TO GO RUN and so I did.

The streets were clear and everyone was bundled up in their heavy winter coats. I came out with a light sweat, undershirt, and shorts / thermal long underwear (idk what they are called for running). The route I decided to optimistically take was heading towards the blue church and then towards the lake that allowed the sun’s rays to constantly shine on me. Jogging slowly and pacing myself towards the lake, I saw some reflective ice on the streets and decided to slow down. I came up on a turn and thought to myself, “I think there is ice there, I think I’m going to fall.” With this thought I still ran towards that area to make the turn. I slipped and slow motion effects came on to me rolling towards the ground with my knee hitting first, then my elbow, then a small roll towards the ground. I somehow remembered how to fall correctly (class in college) and didn’t bang my head on the ground. Stupid, I knew it was coming and I didn’t even try to avoid it.

I got back up and dusted myself off. Not wanting to have this this small incident to ruin my sunny day, I started running again, much slower, avoiding fast turns, towards the frozen river. There were no other runners, I got a good lap around the lake and felt blood rushing throughout my body, keeping me warm, making me feel more energetic.

Overall the run was a walk/ run pace for almost an hour and now I’m waiting for my students to come over so we can finish their project. I love the feel good sunny days in Balti.

(I went home and found out I was bleed on my hand, knees, and my elbow):P