Work; Youth; Grammar Rules

Rather be – Clean Bandit.

The temperature was cool before lunch and the sun’s rays welcomed me to the first real day of Toamna (Autumn). I’m currently sitting in my first home in Moldova, awaiting training for the next ten days in Chisinau. I’ll paint you a picture:

There are law books behind me on a black bookshelves that stretches across the entire room. As I type on my laptop, there is a dark cream colored soviet typewriter sitting quietly next to me and the outside is cloudy. My bed is a few feet away from the table, it is comfortable enough to put me to sleep in 10 mins, and the unused Sharp tv hangs near the fireplace.

After the hunger and procrastination subsided, I decided that you’ve been neglected long enough, so here is my entry about where I’d rather be. *eats a lemon wafer bar.

The main work here in Moldova, with my partners, is not something that currently keeps me energized. I understand how important it is to publish grammatically correct articles, especially when English is an important working language, but I can only feel how little of a contribution it is making here. Yet I still complete this work diligently and daily, while having many arguments with my partner about correct grammar usage. I hope to have more to do later on.

What really makes me smile, excited to help is my work, is the activities I do with the youth. The secondary project that I have is called Diamond Challenge. There are a group of 4 students and 1 teacher that signed up for the program. The teacher is suppose to lead discussion (I help guide) with the students on how to create a business and how entrepreneurship works. The meetings and discussion with them are planned by me, yet it is still somewhat unpredictable as what they are going to say, which makes it amazing when we see results. There is a contest related to this project that revolves around developing, testing, and pitching a business idea. I’m hoping to work with them closely throughout the next few month to develop their plan and make this something interesting.

We had two meetings so far where I asked them to generate their business ideas. The first meeting wanted to know their goals, needs, and wants in life. The answers for wants/goals were interesting and normal for everyone (money, car, house, respect, hair gel – last one is John). The one answer that stood out in the wants/goals is education and to finish university (Anastasia). Their needs are pretty much the same (family, friends, love, etc). These answers were all great, so I gave them an idea to think about: why are their needs different from their wants and goals in life. Hopefully, using this to spark their creative process and to generate ideas for businesses they want to test in this program.

Can’t wait for this training phase to end and to see my group again :).